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Without a system for repurposing content, content becomes very expensive to create. You pay for one blog post, you get one blog post. Then, you have to invest more time, money, and energy into creating another blog post after that.

But, just because you published a piece of content to your blog, for example, doesn't mean your entire audience is going to read it, or even know it exists. If the content is good enough to go on your blog, it's good enough to go on your other platforms as well.

A lot of people think distributing their content is spamming a link to a blog post on all their social platforms. 

That is a horrible way to spread your message!

What if you just turned every piece of content into a bunch of pieces of content?
Gary Vaynerchuk has a team of content creators, but none of them create content. Their job is 100% capturing and repurposing content.

Gary is always documenting his meetings, his public speaking engagements, interviews... you name it, and someone is recording him on video.

Then, his YouTube guy takes that footage and makes a video. His podcast guy takes the audio from that footage, and posts podcasts. 

Every piece of content that Gary creates, his team repurposes in 400 different ways. That's why you'll see or hear the same clip in multiple videos, because the footage is relevant to the topic of the content, so they pull it back in as it makes sense.

There is no such thing as a single piece of content to Gary Vaynerchuk. Every piece is splintered in as many ways as absolutely possible.
Get more pieces of content at a lower cost.
Because you're investing in creation once, all the other pieces of content only have to be curated. This takes a fraction of the time of creating a new piece of content from scratch.

Increase the reach of your message.
Because your content is now in many different formats, it has the potential to reach more people through more channels.

Get more conversion opportunities and drive more leads.
Since your content now lives in multiple places instead of one, you have multiplied opportunities for relevant calls to action, meaning more lead conversions.

Get more organic search rankings.
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, but your blog post will never show up in the search results. The only way to rank a piece of content on YouTube is to upload a video version of it. The more places your content lives, the more chances it will be found organically.

Naturally attract more likes and shares on social media.
If your competitors are just posting links to their content, you will beat them by repurposing. Because the content that goes on each channel is curated specifically for that channel, engagement will go up as a result. Higher engagement means more organic likes and shares from your audience.

Quickly distribute your best content to all marketing channels.
Some prefer to read, others to listen, others to watch. With a repurposing system in place, you can quickly take your best content and distribute it to the places your personas prefer. It's no longer an either/or equation.

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